Each year we set up many corporate events. Many are year to year customers and include sales promotions, product awareness events or customer appreciation days.

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Highlighted Events

Waterloo University Hackathon

Hundreds of students compete every year for the prestigious Waterloo Hackathon. A very large tent is erected for registration.

Erb Transport

Late August brings us to Erb Transport in Baden. Tents are set up for an employee BBQ. Many of their truck drivers and office staff meet together under the tent for a juicy burger and salad. Tri-City Tent Rentals set up the tents for shade and protection from summer rain clouds.


Engineering Field Days

Tents provide an ideal setting for demonstrations and product awareness opportunities. People are attracted to the atmosphere of a tent and small groups can be focussed towards a demo or sales pitch in a tent. Folks will naturally make their way to a tent as a meeting place and Tri-City Tent Rentals provides the ideal opportunity to educate and promote their engineering skills.

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