What type of tent do I need?

Pole tents – have interior centre poles and no metal structure supporting the fabric. -require 5-7 ft around the outside to accommodate the stakes.
Frame tents – have a metal framework supporting the fabric and no interior centre poles, requires 1-2ft around the outside to accommodate the staking. Both of these tent styles are suitable for many events.

Do I need permission for a tent?

Check online with your local building department to determine necessary permits and inspections. We can arrange a structural engineer to inspect larger tents, when necessary. We provide tent specifications in order to obtain tent permits. Fire extinguishers, emergency exit signs and battery back up lighting kits are available to satisfy safety requirements for larger events.

Do I need underground locates?

The law dictates that all underground utilities/threats be identified and marked prior to tent setup. A free service is provided, click on on1call to request locates. Locates should be requested 3-4 weeks prior to the erection of the tent. Frequently, the tent company will complete locates for the customer.

What ground surfaces are suitable for tents?

Tents can be erected on grass, gravel, asphalt, and even cement. Depending on the size of tent, stakes are pounded in from 2.5-3.5ft. Sometimes holes are drilled that will be later be patched. Cement blocks or water barrels are used to anchor tents when it is not suitable for stakes to penetrate the ground.

Are tents weather proof?

Tents are designed to keep the rain out and provide a dry environment for your event under normal circumstances. Severe weather such as wind and rain storms can adversely affect your event.

Can tents be heated in cold weather?

Tents can be heated in early spring and late fall. Please discuss heaters with us as we have heaters available.

How much space do I need for my tents?

For frame tents, you will need 2 feet around the perimeter of your tent for staking. So, a 20’ by 30’ will need a 24’ by 34’ rectangular area. For pole tents, you will need 5 feet (7 feet for larger tents) around the perimeter. So, a 30’ by 60’ tent will need a 40’ by 70’ minimum rectangular area.

What does the price of tent rental include?

The price of tent rental includes set up and take down of the tent as well as delivery and pickup. It includes white sidewall panels (20’ and 40’) enough to enclose the tent.

Window panels, which greatly compliment the tent, are extra. Tent prices do not include lights. Lights are extra and come in a variety of styles. We have strand lights, pole lights and chandelier lights.

Can we set up a tent over a septic system?

We usually don’t do this; however, it has been done. If you can mark the runs, we can avoid them when staking. If you are concerned, talk to us about this issue.

When are tents set up and taken down?

We accommodate the customer as much as possible. Weddings take priority and are set up early each week. Tear down occurs each Monday and Tuesday weather permitting.

How far ahead should I book the tent?

In peak season, tents do get booked up. We have a large inventory but to avoid disappointment, book as early as possible.

How close to an event can I book?

Often, we can accommodate late bookings, but sometimes when booking late, locates for underground utilities cannot be completed making it more challenging to erect the tent.

How do I rent a tent?

  1. Decide how many people you are having.
  2. Find a suitable location for a tent
  3. Call or send an email to our secretary for pricing and availability
  4. Receive your rental agreement by email
  5. Return the rental agreement with a 35% deposit
  6. Changes can still be made to your agreement as your event approaches